Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why so quite?

I know it has been awhile since the last Art Scout update, but that is because I am working on a real fun project that is very hush hush!  I will fill you in as soon as I am allowed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Erik Abel was one of the first artists that signed up with Art Scout back in early 2008.  He built my beautiful Website  and has been a wonderful artists to work with.

These paintings are pieces from his Oceanic Temple and Weather Pattern collection, and have been in inventory here while he traveled for over 2 1/2 years in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, the Tongan and Fijian Islands. Now back in the US, Erik is living in Ventura, CA at the WAV Art Compound and he is coming to pick up these paintings soon, so this will be your last chance to buy them before they leave the state.  Free delivery to Portlanders. just send and email or 503-515-1178.

Oceanic Temple 005 : 15.5x28 : 350.00
Oceanic Temple 006 : 15.5x28 : 350.00

Oceanic Temple 009 : 30x40 : 525.00
Oceanic Temple 010 : 36x40 : 675.00
Oceanic Temple 011 : 36x40 : 675.00

Weather Pattern 001 : 24x36 : 600.00
Weather Pattern 002 : 24x36 : 600.00

Erik is heavily influenced by and involved in the surf/skate/snow sports industry and working as a freelance graphic designer and art director for over 15 years, Abel's method of bold, graphical imagery fused with his loose brush, pen and pencil work seems to find a growing niche of it's own in the fast rising "Urban Contemporary" art movement. Among the clients his style has attracted are Billabong, Reef, Oxbow, Maui & Sons, and Surfing Magazine.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Scout hits the airwaves, and you can download the podcast

Click the link below for...

Many thanks to Lauren Oujiri and all the folks at KZME 

KMZE  is a non-commercial radio station dedicated to broadcasting local music, supporting local arts and culture, and sharing information about east county public affairs. 
As a non-commercial station, KZME will not air advertising and will be supported by listeners, business partners, special events and various grant funding.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mixer Match Photos

The Mixer Match put on by the wonderful people at I Heart Art was a great event for artists to connect with art professionals in the Portland area.  They are planning on doing this event annually so make sure you check out their website for this and other fantastic events.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Last First Friday at Studio 2507 : Radio interview to air

Listen to Kzme 107.1FM Sunday May 29th 5-6PM for Art Scout's first radio interview.  KZME  is a non-commercial radio station dedicated to broadcasting local music, supporting local arts and culture. if you miss it, the podcast will be available for download after the air date

June 3rd will be my last, First Friday
at Annie Meyers Studio 2507

and it is going to be a GREAT show.  
The Hong Kong Project
featuring the work of Erika Lee Sears fellowship in Hong Kong, which she just got back from

Join us to celebrate 
June 3rd 6-9pm 
Studio 2507, 2507 SE Clinton St.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art Scout is headed to the Mixer Match tonight

Mixer Match

Mixer Match is a chance for local artists to show their portfolios to Portland art professionals in a fun speed date like setting.  20 curators and 40 artists, each artist has only 2 min to impress.  The pressure will be on, luckily Deschutes Brewing is sponsoring the event.

The event takes place tonight at Design Within Reach it is a collaboration of Etsy, Etsy Pdx, PNCA, Museum of Contemporary Craft.

It will be a whole lot of fun!!!! 
I am so excited to see what happens, stay tuned.... 


Friday, April 29, 2011

What is on the calendar for May

 First Friday with Shawn Demarest
 Studio 2507 and Art Scout are pleased to present new works by Shawn Demarest in her collection of acrylic paintings titled "Cars in Space" a beautiful collection of paintings of her famous soggy Portland scenes mixed with a surreal touch of a lack of gravity and confusion of skyline. 

 Join us at Studio 2507 

2507 SE Clinton St
Friday May 6th 
Stay tuned for Art Scout being interviewed by Lauren Oujiri on KZME, Airing May 29th at 5pm 107.1 FM

Erika Lee Sears is in Hong Kong right now painting with Asian inspiration and will be showing her Hong Kong Project First Friday, June 3rd
So mark your calander

The video link below is a documentary short by Aaron Johnson of a art opening for Brent Pruitt by Art Scout
Some say the subject matter may be rated R
FELT UP from Aaron Johnson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Scout gets around

A map of all the countries that appeared on the map of art lovers who have check out my website, including Malta, I had to look that one up!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Friday: Andrew Ferguson: Images from Southeast Asia

New photography from Andrew Ferguson's recent adventures in Southeast Asian will be on display for First Friday at Studio 2507.
Join us from 6-9pm at 2507 SE Clinton St, Friday April 1st

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Hong Kong Project

The very talented Erika Lee Sears is using Kick Starter to fund a fellowship in Hong Kong.  If you haven't seen the Kick Starter website yet, check it out it is very cool.

The best part is when she gets back we are hosting an art show for her at Studio 2507 in June, where all here Hong Kong inspired work will be displayed.

Good luck Erika

Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Friday with Louis Delegato

Louis Delegato

Artist Reception: First Friday March 4th 6-9 p.m.
Studio 2507: 2507 SE Clinton Portland, OR
Encaustic painting 

“Sometimes I have a plan. I begin with a notion or feeling I wish to express. Other times I choose a color and begin to paint. I see what it looks like after I have done what I’ve done and I choose another color which relates, expressing my mood. Sometimes I involve wispy lines which flow around corralling variants within the color or hard straight lines to connect aspects or sever them. Once I find some overall dynamic presenting itself I utilize various other colors and lines to emphasize or sedate.

With the encaustic medium all this lovely control flies out the window. The layers of wax need to be fused to the layers below to ensure clarity and prevent the layers from separating. This fusing process liquefies the elements and suddenly they are flowing together, running loose and free like some sort of liberated gaggle. All my veeeery important decisions become compromised every time I fuse.
Slowly I realized this medium is more like another will and less like some matter to be pushed around. Like a marriage where my prerogative is not the only one involved, I begin to allow the changes to happen, even become excited at the prospect. This has been hard for me. I like to be in complete control but as in life certain “art making” requires a stark view of oneself and what better way to accomplish this then having all of one’s choices challenged.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art by Bike

Bike First Friday! Special thanks to Scott Klees at Pedal Bike tour for taking over the organization of Art by Bike, and keeping the bike love art connection alive!
Join Pedal Bike Tours for a free 1st Friday bike ride Feb 4th from 6 – 9 pm.  We expect to cover between 5 and 10 miles over slightly hilly terrain.  After departing from our shop downtown, we’ll visit three Southeast Portland 1st Friday Events to view art, taste wine and enjoy the evening.  Our stops include:
Sidestreet Gallery
140 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR. 97214


Gallery Zero
936 SE 34th

Portland, Oregon 97214


2507 SE Clinton
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 957-6800
Join the ride at our shop downtown at 6 pm or meet us anywhere along the way!  Our bikes and helmets are available for use during the ride free of charge.  Questions?  Call 503-877-2453.
Pedal Bike Tours
133 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

February : First Friday : Andrea Galluzzo

February : First Friday : Andrea Galluzzo : Studio 2507 : 
2507 SE Clinton St : 6-9pm

This mixed media photography show, "Know Myself in all My Parts" by Andrea Galluzzo is a story about freeing yourself.  The interactive element to this installation really brings the physical act of shedding layers as you take in the photography, and the message.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Friday: Jan 7th

First Friday at Studio 2507 we will be hosting an very inspiring show

Studio 2507
2507 SE Clinton St

Recovery Panes
The show is sponsored by a grant from the RACC department as a community project.
Encaustic artist Kelly Williams worked to teach the ancient art of encaustic to people who have been affected by addiction in their lives. This dramatic show highlight the the struggle man people have faced in a new and different perspective.

Art By Bike
The ride will be starting at Pedal bike tours at 6pm 
for the First Friday Bike tour

133 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR, 97204
Daily 10AM-6PM
Phone: (503) 877-2453
Then moving on to:

1.New Space
1632 SE 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97214
Exhibition of Photographs by Gloria Baker Feinstein & Douglas Beasley

2.Bite Studio
2000 SE 7th Ave.
Bite Studio will be hosting a show featuring print art by new members Nick Robles, Harry Schneider, Dele Mercier, and Kelly French.

3.The Press Club
2621 Southeast Clinton Street
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 233-5656
Artists Brin Levinson will will be showing his Cityscape painting and prints at a opening reception at the Press Club with music from a live DJ