Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Erik Abel was one of the first artists that signed up with Art Scout back in early 2008.  He built my beautiful Website www.myartscout.com  and has been a wonderful artists to work with.

These paintings are pieces from his Oceanic Temple and Weather Pattern collection, and have been in inventory here while he traveled for over 2 1/2 years in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, the Tongan and Fijian Islands. Now back in the US, Erik is living in Ventura, CA at the WAV Art Compound and he is coming to pick up these paintings soon, so this will be your last chance to buy them before they leave the state.  Free delivery to Portlanders. just send and email bridget@myartscout.com or 503-515-1178.

Oceanic Temple 005 : 15.5x28 : 350.00
Oceanic Temple 006 : 15.5x28 : 350.00

Oceanic Temple 009 : 30x40 : 525.00
Oceanic Temple 010 : 36x40 : 675.00
Oceanic Temple 011 : 36x40 : 675.00

Weather Pattern 001 : 24x36 : 600.00
Weather Pattern 002 : 24x36 : 600.00

Erik is heavily influenced by and involved in the surf/skate/snow sports industry and working as a freelance graphic designer and art director for over 15 years, Abel's method of bold, graphical imagery fused with his loose brush, pen and pencil work seems to find a growing niche of it's own in the fast rising "Urban Contemporary" art movement. Among the clients his style has attracted are Billabong, Reef, Oxbow, Maui & Sons, and Surfing Magazine.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Scout hits the airwaves, and you can download the podcast

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Many thanks to Lauren Oujiri and all the folks at KZME 

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