Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Friday with Louis Delegato

Louis Delegato

Artist Reception: First Friday March 4th 6-9 p.m.
Studio 2507: 2507 SE Clinton Portland, OR
Encaustic painting 

“Sometimes I have a plan. I begin with a notion or feeling I wish to express. Other times I choose a color and begin to paint. I see what it looks like after I have done what I’ve done and I choose another color which relates, expressing my mood. Sometimes I involve wispy lines which flow around corralling variants within the color or hard straight lines to connect aspects or sever them. Once I find some overall dynamic presenting itself I utilize various other colors and lines to emphasize or sedate.

With the encaustic medium all this lovely control flies out the window. The layers of wax need to be fused to the layers below to ensure clarity and prevent the layers from separating. This fusing process liquefies the elements and suddenly they are flowing together, running loose and free like some sort of liberated gaggle. All my veeeery important decisions become compromised every time I fuse.
Slowly I realized this medium is more like another will and less like some matter to be pushed around. Like a marriage where my prerogative is not the only one involved, I begin to allow the changes to happen, even become excited at the prospect. This has been hard for me. I like to be in complete control but as in life certain “art making” requires a stark view of oneself and what better way to accomplish this then having all of one’s choices challenged.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art by Bike

Bike First Friday! Special thanks to Scott Klees at Pedal Bike tour for taking over the organization of Art by Bike, and keeping the bike love art connection alive!
Join Pedal Bike Tours for a free 1st Friday bike ride Feb 4th from 6 – 9 pm.  We expect to cover between 5 and 10 miles over slightly hilly terrain.  After departing from our shop downtown, we’ll visit three Southeast Portland 1st Friday Events to view art, taste wine and enjoy the evening.  Our stops include:
Sidestreet Gallery
140 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR. 97214


Gallery Zero
936 SE 34th

Portland, Oregon 97214


2507 SE Clinton
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 957-6800
Join the ride at our shop downtown at 6 pm or meet us anywhere along the way!  Our bikes and helmets are available for use during the ride free of charge.  Questions?  Call 503-877-2453.
Pedal Bike Tours
133 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

February : First Friday : Andrea Galluzzo

February : First Friday : Andrea Galluzzo : Studio 2507 : 
2507 SE Clinton St : 6-9pm

This mixed media photography show, "Know Myself in all My Parts" by Andrea Galluzzo is a story about freeing yourself.  The interactive element to this installation really brings the physical act of shedding layers as you take in the photography, and the message.